• Our escrow department manages the entire process till the property is closed

  • Closing statements and final billing are done accurately and promptly

First 24 hours:


South Hills Properties is manages properties for dozens of banks. Our program carefully coordinates and streamlines the entire process from initial occupancy status to closing. We work hand-in-hand with asset managers, contractors, law enforcement, occupants and buyers to ensure that the sale and closing on the property runs as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Choosing South Hills Properties lets the bank retain total control of the entire foreclosure process for a faster, smoother closing. 

  • Property secured, re-keyed and lock box installed

  • BPO photos taken

  • De-trash, yard and pool service ordered as needed

  • Marketing plan initialized 

Within 24 hours of vacancy:

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  • Initial referral accepted

  • Occupancy status confirmed

  • Task process initialized for consistent follow-up 

The REO Marketing Division - Banks

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  • Property is checked weekly throughout the assignment of the property

  • Listing is monitored, tracked and reported

  • Monthly updates on marketing and closing activities 

South Hills Properties

Throughout the REO process:

The smoothness is in the details. 

We handle the problems

. . . so you won't have to.