Lets the builder retain total control of the entire sales process for a faster, smoother closing. Best of all, this service is free and gives generous referral fees back to the builder.

South Hills Properties

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Home Buyers

Choosing South Hills Properties

You dreamed about buying your new home in a new community. Now, it's come to pass. You've selected your site; chosen the preferred floor plan; options and upgrades and even began thinking about the landscaping. You're anxious to move in.

There's just one glitch. You have to sell your current home first. Don’t worry, South Hills Properties handles this all for you. A realtor is chosen who knows the market and can sell your house quickly; inspections are scheduled; and title and escrow companies are coordinated for your new and old homes. It's a hassle-free transition to your new dream home.

The Builders Contingency Division

Hassle free transition to your new home

We handle the problems so you won't have to.

South Hills Properties eliminates guesswork in the contingency sales process. Our program carefully coordinates and streamlines the entire process from broker selection to closing. We work hand-in-hand with builders to ensure that the sale and closing on the old property – and the new home – run as smoothly and quickly as possible.

The Builders

Contingency Process